Assistance "Out of Warranty"

Laptop Repair-Smartphone-Tablet






Assistance on all laptops including Apple
Repair Motherboard / Reflow Chip video
Replacing the display on all notebooks quickly


• Support of any make and model Notebook
• Original spare parts Notebook of any make and model
• Replacement Notebook Display of any make and model
• Smartphone Repair – Apple tablet, Asus e Samsung
• Replacing Display Smartphone – Apple tablet, Asus e Samsung
• Restoration / Substitution fault power connector
• Restore to short-circuit motherboard
• Resolution of the sudden shutdown Notebook
• Restoration / Replacing video card
• Reflow video chipset on the motherboard
• Restoration / Replacing cover damaged
• Restoration / Replacing USB Ports / HDMI
• Thorough cleaning dissipation with Substitute Pasta Thermal

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We are looking for companies that deal with computer repair and PC and laptop in Italy, who want to be part of the circuit The cost of membership are compared to the coverage of the city / province / region, and include the insertion point on the website and the production costs of advertising

The partners (one for city / province / region) becomes a point of reference for the expert assistance of a Personal Computer and Notebook could benefit from specialized support center can offer advice to 360 ° repair of computer components.

Partner is also entitled to discounts on repairs and purchases of centralized computer components ordered.

To become a partner contact in the restricted area. “LAPTOP REPAIR”

Reballing e Rework

Our laboratory is specialized in the operation of reballing and reworking of Mother Board of notebooks all brands (Apple, Acer, Asus, Hp, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony Vaio, Dell, Toshiba).
We have the necessary equipment to replace and risaldatura chips on motherboards last generation, without replacing the whole motherboard, with a considerable saving of money.

What is Reballing?
The reballing is an operation that involves removing the chip using professional equipment, contact cleaning and replacement of the old pool balls damaged with other higher-quality.
The problem is caused by manufacturing defects or excessive heating of the chip.
How is?
The operation of reballing begins with the heating of the mother plate on a suitable grid heated to the specific melting temperature, subsequently proceeds to localized heating of the chip to allow the removal.
After removing the chip will proceed to clean the, is the chip that mainboard, to obtain a perfect and lasting welding, using a tin alloy of excellent quality.
When it is necessary?
The problems that need reballing are:
• PC turned on but no signal on the display;
• Screen highly disturbed by irregular lines or colored spots;
• Crash when loading drivers;
• Beep multiple powering;
• Flashes of Led Notebook on powering that indicate problems of Hardware;

Computer & Notebook

Our services assistance notebook computer and are carried out by our technicians by going at the premises of Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria and Conegliano (TV) or through withdrawal by courier throughout Italy.

We are active in service and repair computers and laptops for hardware and software problems. We carry out the repair and replacement of all hardware components of your computer using the latest technology, ensuring long-lasting repairs.


Laboratory specializing in technical assistance, repairing and replacing hardware components for Computers, Notebook, Tablet e Smartphone

Our laboratories are equipped with the most advanced technologies for the repair of hardware cards of the most popular computing devices.

We specialize, also, in practice management guarantee notebook, tablets and smartphones directly to the producer for the following brands: Acer, Asus, Hp, Toshiba, Samsung, Sony Vaio, Dell and Apple


icon-tick Assistance with laptops of any brand and model icon-tick Replacing Display Notebook / Netbook icon-tick Replacing cover damaged
icon-tick Original replacement Laptop of any make and model icon-tick Replacement power connector icon-tick Internal Cleaning the notebook

# Catanzaro

Via Dei Crusaders, 21
88100 - Catanzaro Lido (CZ).

Tel. 0961.32608
Cell. 392.7266566

# Conegliano (TV)

via Calvi, 122
31015 Conegliano (TV)

Tel. +39 320.8327383

# Reggio Calabria

Via Graziella n. 18
89133 Reggio Calabria (RC).

Tel.: +39 345.5138157